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Dear Global Visitor Shoppers:

Welcome to Global Business Portal, leading the way to your financial well being and further savings!

Nowadays, people throughout the world are simply looking for good, solid bargains and discounts. Thousands of these consumers have benefited and saved hundreds of dollars per month by consolidating their purchasing habits and by locating businesses and service providers who are offering them good and solid bargains and discounts genuinely, year round.

This is where Global Business Portal (GBP) comes into the picture. By using the latest advanced internet technology, we are able to harness the power of the internet global reach and connect our valued online visitor shoppers to a diversified host of our online global business participants who are offering their products and services to you at substantial savings and discounts thus ensuring tremendous savings for our online visitor shoppers globally.

In addition to having access to our Global Business Participants, Global Business Portal is offering to it’s global visitors access to world class information in many diversified categories and sub-categories in order for them to enrich their lives via it’s sister website called Access Business Group. To visit this highly informative section, please proceed to click on the tab called “For Your Information (FYI)” on the main page of our website or simply click on the tab called “knowledge is Power- KIP) on .

To start shopping, savings and visiting our many diversified global business participants in our database, you need to do either of the followings:

  1. On the top section of the main page for, please proceed to insert your desired keywords in the search section of the website and click on the search.
  2. On the top left section of the main page for, Please proceed to” Browse GBP Shopping Center” and select your desired category.
  3. On the Middle of the main page for, please proceed to           visit our advanced search section and start your search there.

The internet is the great experiment of our age, and those that use it now will recognize the future when it arrives. Get started to surf now ! You will be glad you did.

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