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Welcome To all prospective participants :

Discover the most powerful, inexpensive business expansion system created to increase your business sales!

Global Business Portal(GBP) has created an easy, inexpensive and fast way for you to introduce your business to our global visitor shoppers, helping you to expand your business sales and achieve financial success.

To start registering your business into our system you need to do the following two (2) steps :

  1. Register your business. On the registration page you need to create a user ID and a Password in order to be able to login into our system.
  2. Upon registration and selection of a proper user ID and Password, a web-page will be created for your provided business name. On this web-page you have the capability to design a web-page for your business and provide certain information regarding your business such as business type, country, state (province) and the city (town) your business is located, business telephone and fax numbers, business e-mail and website address as well as information regarding your business description, operation, products, services and other pertinent related business information………….

You will be able to log in and change some of the featured listings of your web-page as well as uploading of up to 10 new pertinent business related images, embedded video and discount coupon for your potential customers.

The duration of your participation into our system is for a one full year starting with the date of your business registration with us and upon expiration of your one full year, your registration will be automatically renewed if you have paid by a valid credit card unless you notify us in advance of your business withdrawal from our system.

The payment needs to be paid at the time of your business registration and in full for one year in advance via credit card only. No other form of payment is available. To renew your annual business registration and continued participation into our system, we simply charge the renewal fee of $120.00 U.S.Dollars plus a processing and administration fee of $30.00 U.S.Dollars to your existing credit card number on or before your anniversary date unless you notify us in advance of your intention to withdraw your business name from our system.

As you already know, there are many diversified forms of advertising media most of which are expensive to subscribe. Our advertising portal is one of those inexpensive ones which would promote your business web page to a global audience on a continuous basis in order to create demand for your products or services. Because of it’s inexpensive nature, your continued participation in our system is highly recommended in order for your business to feel the continued power of our systematic promotion for the years to come.

Since we are serving to the needs of a global visitor community coming from different age groups and ethnic backgrounds, we will not allow any business which is offering any pornographic products or services have a presence in our system and we are strictly enforcing this rule which is established to protect our global business participants and visitor shoppers.

We will take the necessary steps to heavily promote and advertise our website address in practically every possible ways in order to make sure that our website address will be seen by millions of on-line visitors throughout the world, thus ensuring maximum exposure for our website and our global participant businesses.

Gear up to get yourself on the fast track to success! Power up and tap into this fantastic business expansion system to secure the global growth of your business by positioning yourself to be part of this incredible, inexpensive, exclusive world class business expansion system.

“When you hear about a good thing………don’t delay, get in while you can,”.
– John D. Rockefeller

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started,”
– Mark Twain

“In the internet age, there is no greater risk that being left behind,”.
– Newsweek-Dec.1999

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