Global Business Portal(GBP) is an independent marketing company for our many diversified Global business participants into our system who are offering their products and services to our valued global shoppers. Global Business Portal is not in any way part of, and connected with these business participants. Nothing contained herein should be construed so as to create a shared ownership relationship with the suppliers and providers of these products and services.

All products and services purchased on-line or off-line are subject to all terms, conditions and limitations set forth by the suppliers and providers of these products and services. Global Business Portal shall make every reasonable effort to provide continuous, uninterrupted service, however, you as the purchaser understand and agree that Global Business Portal can not warrant complete conducts of the suppliers and service providers’
behavior at all times, and accordingly shall not be liable for any interruption or failures of the products suppliers and service providers to fulfill their overall obligations, or for special incidents or consequential damages.

By purchasing any of the on-line or off-line products and services, you agree to protect, indemnify and hold Global Business Portal harmless from and in respect to any and all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses including attorney’s fees that may incur by Global
Business Portal with respect to, connected with or resulting from any lawsuit against the on-line or off-line business participants into our system who are the suppliers and providers of the products and services to you-our on-line or off-line purchasers.

The terms and conditions of this agreement and disclosure statement shall be binding upon all our on-line and off-line purchaser(s) of the products and services from all our business participants into our system and enforceable by the laws of the State of California.

Global Business Portal is committed to service excellence. Quality service, customer satisfaction, mutual respect and consideration toward our valued clients and shoppers are the four (4) primary pillars upon which stands the Global Business Portal, and we will work in every way possible to satisfy your needs and win your trust and respect.

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