Cost to Join – Business Participants

Cost to join for business participants

One of the main important considerations in your day to day operation of your business is the overall cost of your business operation particularly advertising costs. We at Global Business Portal have taken steps to minimize this cost for you. The cost to be included in our system is simply $120.00 U.S. Dollars per year which is a mere $10.00 U.S.Dollars per month plus a processing and administration fee of $30.00 U.S.Dollars.

The payment needs to be paid at the time of your business registration and in full for one year in advance via credit card only. No other forms of payment is available. To renew your annual business registration and continued participation into our system, we simply charge the renewal fee of $120.00 U.S.Dollars plus a processing and administration fee of $30.00 U.S.Dollars to your existing credit card number on or before your anniversary date unless you notify us in advance of your intention to withdraw your business name from our system.

As you already know, there are many diversified forms of advertising media most of which are expensive to subscribe. Our advertising portal is one of those inexpensive ones which would promote your business web page to a global audience on a continuous basis in order to create demand for your products or services. Because of it’s inexpensive nature, your continued participation in our system is highly recommended in order for your business to feel the continued power of our systematic promotion for the years to come.

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