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Cost to Join for Agent participants

Starting a new business is an expensive prospect. It takes a lot of time and money to get a new small business up and running. Businesses spend money before they ever open their doors. There is more to a business than furnishings and office rental, especially in the early stages, start up costs require careful planning and meticulous accounting.

Start up costs are the expenses incurred during the process of creating a new business. A common mistake many new business owners make is understating the amount needed to start their new business. I fact, this unintentional miscalculation is one of the leading reasons why most businesses tend to fail in the first year of operation. Make sure you do not overlook any of these expenses, so you can improve you chances for success. It is important to determine how much it will cost you to open your door for business.

We at Global Business Portal have taken steps to make these start up costs highly affordable for you. To become part of our system and start running your home-based business upon joining is simply $180.00 U.S.Dollars per year which is a mere $15.00 U.S.Dollars per month plus a processing and administration fee of $40.00 U,S.Dollars.

The payment needs to be paid at the time of your registration and in full for one year in advance via credit card only. No other forms of payment is available. To renew your annual agent registration and continued participation into our system, we simply charge the renewal fee of $180.00 U.S.Dollars plus a processing and administration fee of $40.00 U.S.Dollars to your existing credit card number on or before your anniversary date unless you notify us in advance of your intention to withdraw your name as a participant agent from our system.

Upon joining our system, you will be issued an agent identification number which will be forwarded to you. You will need this agent identification number in order to register business participants into our system as part of your home-based business activities and to login into our system and have access to your home-based business operational activities.

If you fail to renew your annual registration on time or decide to withdraw your name as a participant agent from our system, all active business participants registered by you under your name and your agent identification number would automatically transfer to Global Business Portal and you will forfeit all rights of possession to them and any incoming income from them, as well as all the agents you have recruited into the system.

When you join Global Business Portal, you will be part of a lucrative business opportunity which would produce you continuous income and residual income for the years to come. Since our home-based business opportunity registration fee and renewal fee are extremely low and very much affordable, it is highly recommended that you make sure to pay for your annual fee in advance so there would be no interruption for your business participation and business activities.

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