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The global internet is a collection of thousands of independent computer networks, all sharing the same “language”- each talking in a way all can understand. Through a set of communication and operation standards, the internet allows the users to exchange electronic mail with almost any other user. The internet has served as the universal language of the virtual world since the beginning of the digital era.
The internet allows almost anyone to have practical, very low cost and reasonably efficient access to literally millions of other people and businesses.Everyone is talking about it. Internet is building to a fever pitch. The number of internet users has begun to increase at an astounding rate, with literally thousands of new people acquiring internet access everyday.

The internet is the single largest, fastest growing and most explosive product ever existed in the history of mankind and is often considered to be one of the most essential technological discoveries of our time. The importance of internet is due to it’s sizable impact on human life and the way it has had a positive influence on different spheres of life.

At present, internet has become part of life in human being. It would be hard to imagine the world without internet.

Internet technology has completely changed how we communicate, respond or entertain ourselves. Its importance in everyday life is never ending and plays a great role in enhancement of quality of life. Internet is a powerful medium that has changed how we live and will continue to change in the future.

Commercial internet has followed public access, and the top executives in many companies have caught the vision, and the number of products and services accessible through internet is expanding as rapidly. It is a new concept in marketing design, and there is nothing like it in the industry.

According to a recent eMarketer report, global e-commerce sales in 2012 topped a trillion dollars in annual sales. In 2013, global sales are estimated to grow by 18 percent, and by 2016, 15 percent. If these estimates are accurate, in the next five years, e-commerce is estimated to grow by another trillion dollars, doubling in overall market size.

Online shopping is changing how retailers develop their global expansion strategies. As online sales skyrocket throughout the world, an online presence is a low-risk way to test new markets and complement existing store footprints.

“The internet is the gold rush of the 21th century” -Bill Gates

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