About Us

The world is changing faster than people and businesses can keep up. The internet is altering the way we do business and is revolutionizing the way people shop by adding more value, convenience, safety and the way we live our lives. Never before has there been such a low cost, highly effective and instantaneous way to reach thousands through the internet.

Global Business Portal is a new concept in bargain shopping on a global basis, leading the way to a hybrid, unique business concept that emulate the key strengths of:

  • Advertising
  • Internet
  • Home-Based Business

Global Business Portal was created in response to three important needs people and businesses have worldwide:

1.) Savings and discounts for all global visitor shoppers
2.) Higher traffic and increased sales for all global participant businesses
3.) Wealth and immediate cash flow for all global associate agents throughout the world who take advantage of our business opportunity to build a home-based internet driven business of their own.

Our vision is to help people visiting our site and all participant businesses to be able to save and achieve financial well-being respectively.

Our mission is to create wealth and financial success for people who join our business opportunity worldwide in order to enrich their lifestyles.

Our system is to create a mechanism allowing us to achieve our vision and mission expediently.

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